Insight into a diabetes test

A diabetes test does not have to be a lot of trouble, there are on line tests that can be ordered and mailed to you and done in the privacy of your own home.

In addition to the private home test,this page casts light on the main three types of laboratory tests that are suggested for diagnosing diabetes. These include FPG or Fasting Plasma Glucose test, OGTT or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and Random Plasma Glucose Test.

FPG test is conducted for detecting diabetes and pre-diabetes. In this test, the blood glucose of a person is measured. However, for this test, the patient needs to be in empty stomach at least for 8 hours. Another test, OGTT, is normally done to detect gestational diabetes. This test is also conducted for detecting pre-diabetes. On the other hand, Random Plasma Glucose Test, also known as Casual Plasma Glucose Test, is conducted for diagnosing only diabetes; not pre-diabetes . However, in this test, patients do not need to follow any fasting method strictly.

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