Diabetes symptoms made simple

Best to take a Diabetes symptoms quiz, if you suspect yourself or a loved one may have Diabetes.The disease is dangerous because with diabetes, the blood sugar level of our body increases, as our body cannot produce enough insulin or our cells cannot absorb the insulin produced. very simply, diabetes can be of two types; Type 1 with symptoms that come on quickly.And type 2 diabetes which is the most common type,with symptoms coming on slowly and subtly and often attributed to aging.

Some common symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, fatigue,a slow-healing wound, itching skin and so on.

Besides, sudden weight loss, numbness in hands and legs, nausea and dry mouth are also considered as the early symptoms of diabetes.

A Diabetes test should be done to detect diabetes and pre-diabetes. There are different types of tests,some purchased online or Lab tests that include ‘Fasting Blood Glucose Level test’ and ‘Oral Glucose Tolerance Test’.

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