The ins and outs of Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection, popularly known as UTI, can pose serious threat to life if it is not treated on time. This article intends to provide insights into the disease, common symptoms and remedies.

UTI, is a common but serious health problem, which affects our urinary system. Generally, women are more prone to this disease, although men of all age groups also suffer from this bacterial infection. Human urine contains water, chemical salts and waste materials; however, no bacteria exist in human urine. When the bacteria known as Escherichia coli infect the bladder and kidney and increase rapidly in the urine, people contract UTI.

Some common UTI symptoms include severe pain and burning sensation at the time of urination, increasing urine frequency and urine urgency, bloody or cloudy urine and every time, the urine smells foul. Those people developing these symptoms are recommended for a UTI test. These days, several UTI test kits are available in the market, which are handy and effective to diagnose the infection. A person with symptoms can use these kits at home for privacy.

Infections can be treated at home. Several useful home remedies for UTI are gaining popularity day by day, as these remedies have no side effects. Some of these remedies include drinking plenty of water and fluids, drinking Cranberry juice, increasing the intake of Vitamin, avoiding various processed foods, especially chocolate and dairy products, and artificial sweetener. If you have developed any of UTI symptoms, try to follow these home remedies in order to alleviate the problem.And always seek medical advice if the problem persists.

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