Home cholesterol test

A Home Cholesterol Test generally measures the total concentration of fat in your blood. While using such a simple method, you have to prick your finger with a small lancet and take two drops of blood on a piece of paper with chemicals on it. The result is either determined by interpreting the color of the paper or it would appear on a small screen.

a Home Cholesterol Test offers ease of use,Offering complete convenience and privacy. home test methods have now become the need of every family. Heart ailments caused due to the high levels of cholesterol are on rise nowadays. In order to check the cholesterol levels in bloodstream, people usually resort to some kind of diagnosis as recommended by their medical expert. Nevertheless, easy to use cholesterol home test techniques make your experience hassle-free. After buying a cholesterol home test kit, you will not have the hassle of going to your doctor’s clinic and finding out that you are the 15th patient in line waiting to be examined. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you need to draw only 2 drops of blood from your fingertip.

Cholesterol, a thick wax-like substance, is present in cell walls or membranes of human body. It plays an instrumental role in digestion, making hormones, maintaining cell membranes, synthesizing vitamin D, and sustaining memory power. In spite of being very useful and important, it poses a threat to our heart once its level goes beyond its limit. If your bloodstream contains an excessive amount of cholesterol, it would deposit in the arteries of the heart. Ultimately, related disorders take place. Apart from using home cholesterol self test kit, make sure that you take a healthy diet for heart disease. Avoid fat, sodium and calorie-rich food in your diet. In addition, increase the consumption of whole-grain food, cereals or fiber. Apart from this, you can use low cholesterol recipes, whether snacks or desserts, to stay away from heart diseases.

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