Diet for heart disease: Helping you take good care of heart

A balanced diet for heart disease mainly includes the foods that contain less fat and sodium, low calories and more fiber. Heart patients are advised to avoid animal fats, palm and coconut oils and eat lots of grain products, vegetables and fruits. Besides, it is also better to avoid fried foods and eat baked, steamed, boiled or microwave foods instead.

A good heart friendly eating plan lays emphasis on skimmed milk instead of whole milk, low-fat oils like sunflower, soybean, olive, canola, sesame and corn oils, fresh or frozen fish, meat and poultry, which are unsalted and the white portions of an egg instead of the whole one. And remember that, white bread, the cereals made from white flour and white rice should be avoided. Last but not the least; less intake of saturated fat will help your heart beat longer.Olive oil is the preferred monounsaturated fat for more information check out.

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